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Advertising on social media

              Each Social Media Platform is different in the ways in which you should advertise your company. Some media pages are more professional where as others it is encouraged to be funny and relaxed! It can be confusing to understand what is looked at as appropriate, what type of ad will be noticed or what different people will find engaging. We have laid out the Do’s and Don’ts on advertising through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn how to get your ad seen by the right talent at the right time. Social media has become the leading ways to get noticed and communicate with people around the world! Use this to your advantage!

              The first tip that is probably the most important and can be applied to any social media platform is to DIVERSIFY YOUR CONTENT! Not everyone who sees your ad is going to like the same things. One person may be attracted to it by the color and font while it may have caught the eye of another person because of the picture you chose. This is essential to remember when advertising. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your ads and see which ones are getting the most feedback and learn from it!


    • Change account to business profile
    • Post fun ads not too serious!
    • Create sponsored ads
    • Utilize Instagram stories
    • Post engaging content
    • Brand yourself through hashtags
    • Best times to post: active from 8am-7pm but highest activity is from 9am-1pm (global engagement)


    • Expand your reach by posting engaging ads
    • Show off product and service through advertisements
    • Post engaging Facebook videos
    • Utilize Facebook Analytics system


    • Be PROFESSIONAL this is primarily a business media platform
    • Post about business but also humanize your brand
    • Post about the struggles that you are facing in the industry authenticity is attractive
    • Post regularly
    • Hashtag A LOT


    • Use your own hashtags, avoid generic ones
    • Craft advertisement plans and goals
    • Post at the same time every day, multiple times a day
    • Define customer profile
    • Create engaging, fun advertisements

              We know it can be difficult to manage all of your different social media accounts and distinguish what should be posted where! Adison.ai is an online talent analytics and social recruiting software company that is here to be a resource to you and your business. Learn more about how we can help you on our website or contact us with any questions! 


    John Murat – CEO

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