Talent Analytics

Data performance driven – Adison.ai identifies the RIGHT Talent pool using various tools and data models, tapping into social media based on user behavior, skills, expertise, interests and other data analysis. 

3 crucial sections our data sets cover:

* Talent Analytics provide insights into Talent available on Social Media

* Market Analytics uncover Job data and salaries par company and location

* Brand Analytics give great assessment on Employer Brand sentiment


Ads reporting

Attract Active & Passive candidates – Our SaaS solution enables Employers create attractive Job Ad campaigns and reach specific hidden talent pools. We use AI algorithms to identify and select the right match on social media, who are not present on conventional platforms. Our ads use a programmatic approach to deliver them in front of the well selected audience. 

Unlimited Global access – Access Talent anywhere in the World from 3.8 billion social users, in any language. 

Find the right talent

Adison.ai has built an efficient Recruitment Analytics solution to provide great Insights into the Talent acquisition World and empower Recruitment professionals with the right data to support business decisions. Our robust platform uses multiple data sets to build the right picture of the Talent pools, Market info and Employer Brand sentiment. Adison.ai identifies specific Talent pools on multiple social sites including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter, and can understand patterns and behaviors, in order to identify potential talent.

Our custom built Social Media Recruiting tool facilitates the creation of attractive Job Ads across multiple platforms, targeting relevant Talent pools. Talent Acquisition professionals can now easily build attractive Job Ads to market them towards suitable candidates.

Talent Analytics
Identify Talent pools on social media 95%
Job Market Analytics
Check out your competition 46%
Brand Sentiment Analytics
How good is your Employed Brand 84%
AI driven Talent selection
Find specific Talent across social media 80%
Programmatic Job Advertising
Find Talent on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter... 90%
Global Talent Reach
Total Talent pool of 3.8 billion users 100%

We believe in providing great tools and deep analytics to augment Talent Acquisition

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