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Debriefing after your candidates interviews

Debrief your candidates

    Tips for Talent Acquisition teams: The importance of debriefing after your candidates interviews


    Don’t underestimate the power of debriefing! Learn how to debrief with your candidate and the benefits of doing so!


    1) Why should you debrief candidate after interviews?

    Debriefing helps you ensure you understand the Manager’s needs better and you can use that info to prepare further candidates invited to an interview.


    The questions a Hiring Manager asks in an interview will reveal what’s most important to them. Talent Acquisition should debrief with candidates after interviews to learn what kind of questions the hiring manager asked, which will give TA some guidance in terms of the kind of candidates they should be looking for.


    During debriefing sessions, candidates will usually share their thoughts on how the interview went (gut feeling). This can give TA some indication of how the search is going and how they feel about your company and the job opportunity.


    In the debriefing, the candidate will often share their further thoughts on not only the interview but also the job and company itself. This information can give TA a sense of the candidate’s passion — or lack thereof — for the role.


    Last but not least, debriefing can help TA further strengthen the candidate-recruiter relationship. A great candidate-recruiter relationship can go a long way, and if the candidate doesn’t land this particular role, they may end up being perfect for another role down the road. It has to be an honest conversation.


    2) Some examples of debriefing questions

    • Were you able to answer all of the interviewer’s questions well?
    • Was there any question you felt you didn’t get to address well? Can you explain what you think happened?
    • What are your overall feelings about how the interview went? Do you think the outcome will be positive or negative? Why?
    • What are your overall feelings about the company and role now? Are you still feeling excited about the opportunity? Why or why not?
    • How did you relate with the Managers? Could you imagine working with them?
    • Rank your motivation out of 10 (1 the worst 10 the highest)
    • Would you be interested in the next steps? Did they tell you if any?
    • What other opportunities are you pursuing right now? What stage are you at with them?
    • How do you feel this role and our company compare to the other opportunity you have?
    • What would make you accept this position in comparison to another one?


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