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    For the vast majority of companies, the objective when it comes to talent is to retain employees for as long as possible. The health context makes this issue even more important, as it is all the more difficult to manage employees from a distance, while others are in the office, for example. Everyone has had to adapt to teleworking and has reacted differently to this new way of working together. Some have found more advantages than disadvantages, and manage to work as before, or even perform better. However, it can become boring for everyone and you need to find solutions to keep your employees and maintain the link with them by managing them in a different way.


    To overcome this problem, I suggest you follow the advice below:

    Plan regular video conferences, starting at the beginning of the month!

    Normally, you see your colleagues every day in the office and organise meetings as and when required. When working with remote employees, you need to maintain the link by organising regular video conferences. For example, you could organise a briefing at the beginning of the week and a debriefing at the end! It’s also important to schedule these meetings at the beginning of the month so that everyone can organise their own time and block off the scheduled slots.

    Last week’s reporting is very important, both for you and for your employee. It allows you to monitor the work done by your employee in real time, but also to congratulate them or give them some advice, for example. For their part, they summarise what they have done, which is a way of self-evaluating their performance and highlighting any difficulties they may have had.


    Organise several afterwork meetings, even if not in a bar!

    Company employees are all the more fulfilled in their work if the company organises sporting, artistic or festive activities. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect their well-being within your team and be able to offer them moments of escape. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to get your colleagues together, you can always organise a video conference where you talk about something other than work. For example, you could organise a cooking workshop! Aren’t happiness and good humour the driving forces behind productivity?


    Don’t neglect employee recognition

    Above all, don’t forget to thank and congratulate your employees, when it’s appropriate to do so of course. With all the organisational upheaval at work, they may feel less supported and less confident: don’t hesitate to tell them that they’re on the right track and that you’re grateful for their work.

    If you notice that some people are having difficulty, don’t shy away from encouragement. It’s always nice to feel supported, and sometimes even the best people need it. This is all the more important when you’re teleworking, as you don’t have the opportunity to talk to everyone at all times.

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