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Find your passive candidate today

Find your passive candidate today

    Finding passive candidates is crucial to build a great talent pool but how do you do it?


    About 85% of workers are waiting for a potential opportunity to change jobs.

    How can you identify, attract and hire top applicants who are not even actively seeking out a new job? You need to apply new recruiting techniques.


    First of all, what is the difference between an active and a passive candidate?

    Active applicants are searching for new employment, either if they have a job or not. They are taking actions to get a job which might be easier for some recruiters, but brings in a very competitive environment as they are actively available for whoever comes along first with the best offer.

    Whereas with passive candidates, they are not actively searching for a job because they are employed and are not proactive, but they could very well accept an offer that gives them better benefits or a better work environment or even more career opportunities. However, it is much harder for recruiters to find them as they are not applying for jobs.

    Passive candidates are not looking at job openings, they will only change if the company on offer is a unique and better place to work. Company culture and professional growth are the two most important features for passive candidates.


    The three reasons why a worker would leave their current role is:

    1. No opportunities or career development
    2. No clear work-life balance between challenges at work and their personal life: there can be an excessive amount of work, no flexibility, no personal life, and many other factors.
    3. A bad relationship with management or poor work environment.


    How do you recruit a passive candidate?

    Since passive candidates are not actively searching for a job, they do not visit job boards. 76% of hiring managers say that attracting talents is their greatest challenge.

    Your company needs to be attractive and show others why it is better to work there, rather than for another company. To do that, you need to use proactive recruitment methods.


    First, you need to identify exactly who you are trying to hire.  Then, what are you able to provide for them that other companies may not?


    You can search for potential candidates on social media, particularly for younger generations, or via a referrals program.


    On social media: 73% of millennials found their ultimate position via a social media site. And 78% of recruiters say they discover their best candidates via referrals.


    And there are plenty of other techniques like sourcing, AI software or email marketing.


    When a candidate shows an interest in a position, you will need to act quickly because they may not always want to proceed with the hiring process. It may mean working around their work timetable. So be flexible! CareerBuilder found that 60% of task seekers cease in the middle of filling out online job applications due to their length or complexity. Allow passive candidates to use it in just a few clicks! A good quick application form is best!


    To help you out, you can also always rely on recruitment agencies, as they are experts in this field and speak to hundreds of passive candidates every week, presenting new opportunities. Having the right agency partner or very efficient software products can deliver great results for you.


    Here, at Adison.ai, we focus on providing employers with access to passive candidates as well as active ones, to unable the reach of the broadest range of talent and attract the most suitable ones. Contact us for a chat!


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