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How to Recruit on TikTok


    TikTok is a social network dedicated to short videos of a few seconds. Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has experienced a huge rise. With 900 million users, TikTok attracts mostly millennials. This generation that is starting its professional life and represents a real asset for companies and recruiters are increasingly including this social network to find new talent. 


    The specificity of TikTok is that in order to reach the target of the network, the tone used is lighter and funnier, with a more direct and relaxed contact with the candidate.

    Here are 4 tips to recruit effectively on TikTok :


    Create entertaining content 🤳

    The content on the networks allows you to promote your company and encourage people to talk about your brand. You need to create original content and advertisements that catch the eye and inspire. You can show how your company is a special place and make them want to be part of the team.

    To create this kind of content for TikTok, you need to focus on music and short texts. The tone given must correspond to the image of the company and that can interest the targeted candidates. You can keep a style that you will reuse in other videos to recognize the company


    Be inspired by trends

    Using a TikTok trend allows users to stay on the video and get interested. If you make a basic ad for a job offer, users won’t watch it, so you need to take the time to analyze trends and get inspired by them for an effective recruitment campaign and find trends that are seen by your target audience.


    Mixing TikTok codes and corporate culture 🌐

    To get users to notice a recruitment campaign, you need to follow the app’s codes to get attention. It is necessary to film a video, rather short to keep the attention of the target audience, to use appropriate hashtags that will have an impact on the visibility of the publication. It is also important to stay true to your corporate image to remain authentic, while following the TikTok codes. Present your company culture, show moments of your organization rather than making ads that talk about a specific job opening.


    Target your audience 🎯 

    TikTok allows you to target people with various parameters like: location, age, gender, language, education, interests, connections, etc.

    With this information you have the ability to create a custom audience that will be interested in what you post and reach potentially interested people.

    Once you have a clear idea of who your audience is and what they want, you can use this information to do effective targeting on Tiktok.


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