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              Getting lost in countless resumes and interviews can make it challenging to find the right talent for your company! Identifying and attracting the right talent is overwhelming. But this process is essential in creating a healthy work environment for your business. Interviews are sometimes difficult to see who a person really is, and how they will fit into your company. We have broken down ways in which you can conduct interviews in order to get the answers you need about a potential future employee!

              As our job market has symbolized, candidates have more options to choose from now. That makes the lives of the recruiters that much more difficult. Once your company has identified talent, it is important to interview them in a way that makes them comfortable so that your company is at the top of their list. The competition is growing so your company needs to be prepared in order to win over the top talent!

              The first thing you want to achieve is making the candidate not feel stressed. Studies have shown that when an individual is stressed, they will not perform to the best of their ability. This can act as a misrepresentation of what the candidate is actually like. The goal should be to make them feel comfortable so that the conversation is effective.

              Another key component is planning your questions ahead of time. Make sure that what you are asking will get to the core of who the candidate is as a worker. Ask questions that will subconsciously get to the root of their values and work ethic. Ask behavioral questions that reveal how they would react in situations. An interviewer at a company once said that they walked around the office and introduced the candidate to multiple employees. Seeing how someone interacts with people in the work place can be a telling sign of how they will contribute to the company work culture.

                Consider culture fit when interviewing your candidate as well. Reflect on your companies values and see how they line up with your candidates. One thing that you should NOT do though is get too many opinions from colleagues. Including some outside influence can be a good thing but too much of it can alter what the process is about.

                Conducting productive interviews are essential is identifying who is the right fit for your business. We know that it can be challenging to identify who that talent is for you. Adison.ai has a talent analytics and social recruiting software that attracts talent for your company and allows you to focus on the interviewing process

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