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réalité augmentée

    Augmented reality is a truly innovative technology at the heart of organisations’ communication strategies, and is increasingly coveted. Its potential is well established, and many companies are investing in this digital tool. Whether it’s to immerse potential candidates in their future working environment, to teach them a movement or technique, to simplify maintenance operations or even to safeguard safety, augmented reality offers real advantages.


    Real synergy

    Thanks to AR, you’ll be able to observe an exceptional synergy between the field and digital technology. It’s a revolutionary tool for standing out from the crowd and attracting the interest of digital natives. It allows you to make very precise connections between studied data. Secondly, it ensures that information flows smoothly: reports bring information up from the field to the company’s various departments.


    Secondly, AR appeals to the emotions of those who use it. For example, when you want to promote a product or service and you give consumers the opportunity to visualise it using this technology, they are plunged into a parallel environment. It’s a way of making them more receptive to what you’re trying to sell and giving them a real desire to actually own what they see virtually. In fact, numerous studies have shown that what the user sees is so close to reality that the neurons are “tricked”.


    Better learning

    It consists of superimposing virtual content on reality itself through the installation of a productive system. It makes it easy to locate and manipulate objects in a real environment. The operations to be carried out are simpler to understand than on a manual, so it’s an opportunity to learn a movement or technique quickly and in real time.


    On the other hand, training is one of the main cost items for companies. Augmented reality gives companies the means to speed up the training process, but also to make it more effective for both employees and managers. Instead of lengthy, highly theoretical training courses, augmented reality offers an immersive training experience that guarantees better knowledge retention. By using it, you have a good chance of capturing the most intense attention of your listeners, while also benefiting from faster knowledge acquisition.

    Productivity gains

    The operations to be carried out are explained and located, removing any possibility of misinterpretation. As a result, operating and handling times are optimised. What’s more, the equipment can only be used correctly. And that’s not all: augmented reality makes it possible to identify risk areas and potential incidents, so they can be avoided.


    There’s also the collaborative aspect. Equipped with an augmented reality headset, each operator or field team can be put in touch in real time with your most qualified employees to carry out complex tasks. As a result, operations can be carried out remotely on complex tasks, thanks to virtual collaboration.


    In short, it’s in your interest to invest in this valuable tool! It’s not cheap, but it will undoubtedly pay for itself in the medium and long term. Not only will you save money, you’ll also save time. So, are you ready to take the plunge?

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