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Find talent on social media

    4.2 billion internet users are active on social media, including over a billion on Instagram and around 800 million on LinkedIn. But why talk about these figures?


    Today, companies are using new recruitment software that allows their jobs to be posted on various job aggregators and websites. However, there are two major problems.


    Firstly, the proportion of potential users registered on these platforms is not large enough, since only 30% of the world’s workforce is actively present on job boards looking for a new opportunity. The potential users contacted are totally random and have no qualifications, including location, so you end up with a large number of poor candidates, which reduces the quality

    and time you have to manage them. So you’re unlikely to find a solid potential candidate this way! The possibilities offered by social networks are enormous!


    First of all, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest are used by a very large majority of the global workforce – 80% to be precise, and allow you to reach a large population of active and passive candidates. What’s more, social media offer a fantastic opportunity to promote your company with its values, culture and opportunities, building a genuine Employer Brand.


    Secondly, and probably most importantly, thanks to today’s digital marketing techniques, we can identify the right users based on very specific criteria such as job titles, skills, location, interests and behaviours… what they like, follow, share, etc…. All anonymous of course, but with the ability to create pools of similar users to show them the right job – yours!


    Adison.ai is developing its ability to reach hidden talent by grouping users into categories of potential talent.


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