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How talent analytics is useful

              What is Talent Analytics? How can it be useful to your company? What industries are struggling the most for recruiting? Talent Analytics is a platform that applies statistics and technology to groups of people in order to identify and select the best talent. These solutions can provide insight on the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates and how they can be improved. Now, why may this tool be useful to your company? Choosing the right candidate can determine how successful your company is from work environment to getting tasks done. We know that your time is valuable and we want to help.

               Industries such as Mechanical Engineering,Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Cloud Computing are all struggling to identify key candidates with the right talent. As AI industries continue to expand, the competition to finding the right talent is increasing as well. In electronic engineers alone, the industry is projected to increase by 3% in 10 years. That means even more competition within the industry.

              The Artificial Intelligence industry has increased 270% in just 4 years. This industry has extensive power over the demand for talent. With increasing technologies, the need for high skilled individuals is increasing as well as the competition for companies to get them. Our Talent Analytics software can help your company better identify these individuals in order to get ahead of your competitor.

              Cloud Computing is in the same position as they are projected to grow 12% in the coming years. This causes the demand for skilled workers to grow 60%! In order for a company to compete with this rapid growth in demand, recruiters need to pay close attention to strategy (getting the right candidate) as well as speed. Our suggestion is to get started now!

              All of these intense industries require a level of trust, talent, credibility and loyalty. Finding the right talent in our modern workforce is a big challengefor these competing companies. Skilled workers are becoming more and more picky in what companies they choose to work for. Identifying the right talent, reflecting employer brand and creating compelling advertisement campaigns are all key components when attracting your candidate.

                Adison.ai is a Talent Analytics software that uses extensive amount of research in order to identify and select the right talent for your company. Our software gives your company intensive insights on who to hire, where they are, and the process in which to do it.  Once we have identified your talent pool, our social recruiting took creates compelling advertisement campaigns in order to attract your potential candidate. We target to the most suitable individuals in order to ensure that the advertisement will be one that engages the user.

                In a workforce that is representing an all time high in competition, we want to serve as an outlet for your company. Let us help you find your talented candidate!



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